How to bypass HWID-Protected Application


Hii! It's been a while since my last post (Probs almost a year as I'm somewhat busy developing my startup for now)


HWID stands for Hardware Identification so that the Application will fetch your unique-id from your hard disk drives, then send it to their server to check if your unique-id is registered. If your unique-id is in their database, you can execute the program, but if it's not there, the program will usually pop up an error msg / open a browser and redirect you to their site.

I suck at making illustrations, lmao.



First thing first, we need to follow the flow of the program because I'm not an expert in reversing applications with the assembly things, so I'm just going to use a web debugging proxy to follow all their HTTP requests flow. Fiddler is my favorite.

Requests made by the Application, through point blank's port

The attack!

After seeing this for the first time, the only thing pop into my head is "Hosts File."

The original path from the request
I made the exact copy of the pathname and filename
My hosts file configuration
Reissued request


Update 7 July 2020

Fiddler Auto Responder



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